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Private bankers and Wealth Managers are increasingly marketing products and services across borders within Europe and beyond. They are, therefore systematically facing different business, regulatory and tax environments in various jurisdictions.

With a simple internet connection, the user can now access to Anywealth on the move and generate reports highlighting the regulatory requirements applicable to a particular cross-border situation.

  • 1. Challenge your strategy
    • Gain insight on cross-border regulatory, tax and KYC/AML/CTC challenges
    • Identify the specificities of various markets
    • Anticipate and compare market opportunities
    • Rank countries openness to your service or activity
  • 2. Simulate cross-border situations
    • Determine with your laptop or your tablet the regulatory and tax requirements applicable to a particular cross-border situation
    • Be aware of the do’s and don’t and how to deliver your service best, in compliance with local requirements
    • Identify opportunities for your clients
  • Key benefits
    • Get additional insight on key cross-border regulatory aspects
    • Assess the attractiveness of each market and available vehicle
    • Monitor the impact of fiscal and regulatory changes
    • Access specific regulatory and tax requiremements
    • Log in easily, anytime, anywhere
your mobile solution to business development anywhere


1. Worldmap access

You have the possibility to explore the world map and select available countries you want to work with. For each country, key economic data are provided.

2. Business situations

You are able to know which products/activities are permitted for a targeted country, in 3 different business situations: the business is done in the user’s bank country, the business is done remotely, and the business is done in the client’s country of residence.

3. Strategic dashboard

You have access to a dashboard allowing you to compare different countries according to several criteria. This permits you to define your business development strategy. You are also able to display the information in chart formats in order to simply visualize the countries selected in terms of ease of business.

4. Online and offline mode

You are able to bring the valuable information contained in WealthPass wherever you go. As the application offers an online mode as well as an offline mode, all needed regulatory information is ready-to-hand.

How we can help

Challenge your strategy
Simulate cross-border situation

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Anywealth - KYC/AML/CTF

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